Dot's mother is a famous space explorer. A famous missing space explorer. Missing like Dot-has-a-letter-from-the-Council-of-Human-Affairs kind of missing, not just the usual Mom-missing.

But Dot has a theory - and a plan. A theory that hinges on an old spacer's fairy tale and plan that relies on Dot's home-grown techno-baubles actually working (for once). But it is a real theory, and a real plan - and with the help of her trusty spaceship, Dot is going to bring her mother home.

Chapter: I Page: 7

1st Jun 2021, 3:45 PM


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Allie K

Allie K 1st Jun 2021, 3:45 PM
Ok so... if you were not aware, this is the meme.

Yes I decided to draw a fake captcha in my comic... It was surprisingly less difficult than I thought it was going to be. Way less difficult than the bloody. background. colors. AGAIN. Again? AGAIN.

From now on, I declare that all comics must exist in a backgroundless vacuum with just gradient colors to spice things up.

Alright, question time. What is the meme that makes you smile every time you see it?

Next update - July 1st!

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sailor mars
1st Jun 2021, 11:38 PM
sailor mars
You "captured" captcha perfectly :D
And Bicentennial Gal was not quite what I was expecting...
Allie K
2nd Jun 2021, 4:08 PM
Allie K
So, I have a confession to make - Bicentennial Gal was actually Bicentennial MAN for most of the time I was writing/drawing this chapter. But I couldn't figure out a character design that wasn't like, generic old mad scientist dude. I was like, but wait, there's never an old mad scientist LADY. But, there were a lot of elements in the old design that I liked that I just... kinda kept. Bicentennial Man had one hecking beard tho, and I liked it so much I almost just said "screw it" and left the Gal with the beard. But I didn't know how confusing that was going to be so... I shaved her. Still sad about that.

And thank you! To be honest I was REALLY worried about the captcha and left it to dead last and then I got it on the first try and was like wait... that's it? I'm done? Wat?